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Our Video Services: 

We provide a full-range of video-related services which runs from pre-production work, video creation and filming  to editing and completion as well as video placement. In short, we are a one stop shop for video production in London.  


For instructional and other commercial videos, we work under contract depending on the scope of the project. Services include promotional video production, commercials, motion graphics, animation, entertainment and video strategy.

For individuals, we offer different packages which are based on an hourly-pay scale. We pride ourselves on flexibility and are able to take on special requests. 

  1. Promotional films

  2. Training videos

  3. Safety videos

  4. Corporate documentary

  5. Event filming

  6. Website videos

We do the following corporate work: 

Pre-production – This includes all the planning, script writing and creation of storyboards. 

Production – This includes location and studio filming with a camera crew and director.  

Post production and editing- 15This is where the filmed footage is edited together. Where required, this also includes recording voice–over,  adding graphics, composing a sound track and including  animation sequences(2D/3D) with the finished video.

  1. Culture films

  2. Documentaries

  3. Viral and web content

Independent video production: 

We also produce our own videos. Some of our videos showing life in the UK for Chinese people have proven popular online.  


  1. Music video production

  2. Artist video production

  3. Post production

  4. Chinese/English translate

For music and art videos we can arrange: 


Scheduling/ Production planning/ Screen writing /Storyboard design/Location scouting/Getting the relevant permits/Organising the Crew/Preparing all necessary equipment  

All post-post production work required. 

  1. Television programme production

  2. Short film production

  3. TV drama production

  4. Film production

Film & TV programme production:

For Film & TV programme production we have a wide range video production services. We support independent directors and producers also cooperate with production companies and TV stations. Our creative team is based in the UK but we are able to offer the full benefit of our connections in China for all work.  

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